Posted by: Cathy | July 24, 2013

Vision Dive – A Questing Workbook (free)

In Native American culture, a Vision Quest is a way to receive spiritual guidance. Traditionally, this is done alone in nature and allows you to connect to divinity and discover your life purpose. It can be a very intense process and requires much planning.

I have never done a traditional Vision Quest, but I like the idea of it. I’m also not Native American, so I don’t know all of the traditional steps. However, in line with the purpose of my blog, learning how to coach yourself, I decided to make up my own, urban Vision Quest process. To clarify this from a traditional Quest, I’ll call it a Vision Dive.

Coach Blog 072413 A Vision Dive is a six-step process to open up to guidance from the universe. Bring a deep, heavy question and go through these steps to look for an answer. (What is my purpose in life? Why did ____ happen to me? What is my spiritual path? What next step do I need to take on my path? How can I find my soulmate? How can I repair my relationship with ___?)

For many of my other projects, I’ve given an option to do it in one hour, but I think this will require at least a half day, ~4 hours. The reason for this is that you really want to open up a space, even invoke a little boredom, to get your brain rested to receive guidance. You’re trying to go beyond your conscious mind, and that takes some time.

You can do this in the comfort of your home or any other place you can claim for 4 hours of peace and quiet.

Download my free Vision Dive – A Questing Workbook here!

If you take a Vision Dive, I would love to know what you experienced! Feel free to share any part of it with me at exploringyourdepths



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