Posted by: Cathy | July 22, 2013

Invoke your Muse

If I take a moment before I sit down to write and ask my muse to join me, I find inspiration flows more smoothly and my task isn’t as long or as difficult as I expected. Many people think of muses as purely for artists or writers, but you can invoke a muse for anything you can imagine:

Coach Blog 072213 * A driving muse to help guide you safely through traffic
* A cleaning muse to turn your chores into a spiritual practice
* A financial muse to help you save and spend to support the life you want
* A travel agent muse to help organize your dream vacation
* A fitness muse to keep you inspired on the treadmill
* A networking muse to attract just the right people to you

You can doodle your muse(s) or a symbol to represent them and keep this in your car, checkbook, on your treadmill, etc.; wherever you want to connect with your muse.

Make life more aMUSE-ing! Look for places in your life where you’d like to invite more ease and inspiration.


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