Posted by: Cathy | July 15, 2013

Guest Post: Courage by Barbara Krauss

Today, I would like to share a guest post! This comes from another ARTbundance graduate, Barbara Krauss. She has a weekly e-newsletter called the Monday Morsel. She posted the morsel below in April. You can sign up here for future morsels.


Someone recently told me I was the most courageous person she had ever met. My first response was to exclaim “Me?!” What did she see that I did not? My inquisitiveness took over.

I was interested to find the word courage comes from the Latin, cor, which literally means heart. I also learned the original use of the word courage means to stand by one’s core; living from our center. It is what enables us to face whatever life has to offer. Living from our core is living in our courage.

In our quest to tap into our courage, perhaps a few tasty ingredients will help nourish our journey along the way.

Courage is a mixture of imparting your strength and confidence, inspiration and hearten. It is a blend of standing up and speaking; sitting down and listening. It is a mélange of trusting love and grace under pressure; daring to dare and admitting the truth. It is combining the pain and the glory of self-discovery. It is the melding of curiosity and constancy. It is the fusion of believing in a thing, believing it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably. Courage is sustaining the practice of living from our center.

Say YES and feast on your life!

Barbara Krauss, The Centre for Organic YESipes


Coach Blog 071513 BarbaraKrauss Barbara Krauss is the Steward of Creative Inquiry and owner of The Centre for Organic YESipes. She describes herself as a cultural creative whose teaching of creativity is the sharing of her gladness and her energetic illumination. Her work is dedicated to the empowerment and transformation of women and girls by offering guidance into their creative practices that connects them to their emotional, spiritual, and physical power. She empowers them to say YES to their life!

Barbara has a BA in Fine Arts and Psychology with specialization in American Sign Language and therapeutic arts; a graduate and Adjunct Faculty of Kore Evolution; a Licensed Nia (movement) Instructor; Certified Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach; ARTbundance Coach and Practitioner; an Artist, Dancer, Writer, Mentor, Guide, and Teacher.


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