Posted by: Cathy | June 26, 2013

What to do when your flow turns into rapids

You’re floating along a gentle river in an inner-tube. You’re enjoying the sights and sounds; the wind rustling through the trees, an eagle gliding overhead. All of a sudden, the water gets choppy and you hear some rapids ahead. What do you do?

Do you panic, fall over, and bump your head on some rocks?
Or do you hold on tight, trust your inner-tube, and gallop through the rapids?

We can plan, and plan, and plan; but as I talked about back-up plans two weeks ago, we can’t plan for everything. How you react to a problem can make or break your solution.

Coach Blog 062613 The main issue with reactions is that they’re difficult to control. It might take a while to notice you’re in a reactive emotion, like panic. The sooner you can identify your reaction, the sooner you can regain control and respond deliberately to your problem.

As soon as a problem occurs, check in with yourself. What emotions are you feeling? What is your reaction? How can you turn your reaction around into something actionable?

When my internet was down on the day I wanted to make and post a video blog, my reaction was anger. How dare my ISP be down, even on a Sunday? Don’t they know how many people work from home and rely on internet 24/7? But as soon as I noticed I was in anger, I reminded myself that it wasn’t a productive emotion. I set aside my anger and did what I could to work through the problem.

You can’t stop anger or panic or fear from popping up, but you can notice it, dismiss it, and get back to something productive. There will always be rapids on a river, but you can get through them and back to the gentle flow of your project if you don’t tip over your inner-tube.



  1. So hard to do, but it does make a difference!

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