Posted by: Cathy | June 12, 2013

Back-up Plans

Probably no one but me noticed that my blog post on Monday was an hour later than usual. This was a big annoyance for me, though. My internet was down on Sunday, so I couldn’t record, upload, and post a video blog.

Normally, I would record the video post two weeks in advance, but I haven’t posted one in a long time and have had a busy month, so it kept getting pushed back in priority. Finally, I was committed to do the video post, and our internet was down.

I spent about one minute being mad about it. Then I remembered that being mad isn’t productive and tried to shake it off. When the internet was back up on Monday morning, I uploaded the post I had planned for today (Wednesday) instead. And to make up for my Wednesday post, I can vent about what went wrong on Monday!

Coach Blog 061213 My crisis was averted, but this is a good lesson in back-up plans. As I said, normally I would record the video post two weeks ahead to allow for issues/delays. My buffer was gone in this instance, so I had to go to a secondary back-up; rearranging another post in the schedule. I usually write my posts two weeks in advance as well, so it was easy to push one up.

Now, in the grand scheme of things, the world won’t end if I don’t get a blog post up every Monday and Wednesday. However, I have been doing this for a year now and it’s pretty much a well oiled machine at this point, so it was more a point of pride that I was going to get my posts up anyway this week. And solving this problem satisfactorily will put a “win” under my belt if a bigger problem pops up down the road.

The point of back-up plans is to help you ride out a problem. Take a minute and think about the important routines you have in place and whether you have an appropriate back-up plan. Make up an imaginary problem and “test” your back-up plan. You can’t plan for every problem, but knowing you have something backing you up will give you some piece of mind and could maybe turn an emergency into a slight annoyance.


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