Posted by: Cathy | May 13, 2013

Monday the 13th

When I was a kid, I loved Garfield cartoons. He’s a big, orange tabby cat who loves to eat lasagna. I also love to eat lasagna. I remember that Garfield was more superstitious about Monday the 13th than Friday the 13th.

Coach Blog 051313 I used to have a black cat, my beloved Lewis who passed away four years ago. I don’t put any stock in the black cat superstition, though, because I learned that it’s a white cat superstition in Europe. It can’t be both!

I am superstitious about jinxing things, though. If something is going well and you say, “Wow, look how well this is going,” I believe you will invite something to go wrong. I think there’s actually a little bit of truth to that. Let me explain …

When you look up and notice something going well or not, you are taking your focus away from the doing and applying judgment. It’s fine to look up and make sure you’re on track for what you’re trying to accomplish, but that is a yes/no question; am I currently on track to meet my goal, yes or no? If you get hung up on the superficiality of something “going well” or “going poorly”, you are wasting your energy. You can’t make a process go well any more than you can make the sun always shine. Sometimes it rains. Something can go poorly and you can still meet your goal.

Today, for example, I was doing my morning meditation. In the middle of it, my dog Riker ran over to the window and started barking at a dog outside. I could have been mad at him for disrupting my meditation and had it spoil my day. Instead, I motioned for him to sit next to me, pat him for a moment, and went back to my meditation. I was proud of myself for sitting on the cushion and staying there for a full session. It doesn’t matter if my meditation went “well.” I did it anyway.

Don’t let judgment distract you from your goals! And don’t walk under any ladders today 😉



  1. Hmm, I’m not sure that I agree with this. I think it’s okay to be appreciative of things going well or to be upset that things are going well. You had to acknowledge that Riker’s barking interrupted your meditation practice so that you could address the matter in order to finish. You could have also ignored him or gotten upset with him and let it ruin your meditation/morning/day. Whichever way you reacted, you had to acknowledge that something was happening.

  2. Yes, but I’m saying not to judge what you’re acknowledging.

    For instance, Scenario One – I was meditating. Riker barked. I continued meditating.

    Versus Scenario Two – I was trying to have a good meditation but Riker ruined it by barking in the middle.

    Or I could invent a new form of medtitation wherein you use the rhythm of barking dogs to focus your breath 😉

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