Posted by: Cathy | April 15, 2013

What if?

Last week, I talked about brainstorming. Today, I would like to propose another alternative to your typical mind-maps or outlines. Bring more of your imagination to brainstorming and you’ll have more interesting results. You can do this with two little words …


What if I wrote poetry in the garden instead of at my desk?
What if I painted with my non-dominant hand?
What if I changed the gender or race of the main character of my story?
What if I tried a new visual art medium or technique?

Coach Blog 041513 Question your assumptions as you’re planning a new project or working through a problem. Invite imagination to your process.

If you always write your fiction on a computer, what might change in your style if you wrote a new project long-hand, or vice-versa? If you always write quietly at home, what would happen if you tried to write at a cafe or diner? If you always write in the morning, what would happen if you tried to write in the evening?

Imagination is the first step in any creative venture – you first need an image of what you want to create. Be sure you keep imagination active all through your process; especially if you’ve done something a certain way for a while and you feel in a rut.

What if your process ran smoothly? What would that feel like? What would be different?
What if there was no such thing as a rut?
What if there was only success?
What if you claimed your dreams every day?

Try it!


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