Posted by: Cathy | March 25, 2013

Seeds of Inspiration

I hope you took my post last week on artist dates to heart and made your list of outings. You have to go out and gather seeds of inspiration. Sure, some seeds may blow into your yard without you having to lift a finger but, by being intentional about collecting inspiration seeds, you have more control over what will sprout!

To continue my metaphor, dandelions will sprout nearly anywhere. Some people see them as weeds, but you can use dandelion greens to make a salad; so letting dandelions sprout isn’t too bad. But who wants a yard full of dandelions?

Cultivate the soil of your imagination. Make a corner for a little vegetable garden – that could be practical art, like knitting or woodworking. Make another corner for an herb garden to add spice to your life – this could be experimental projects, like learning a new technique in your favorite art-form or trying something new altogether. Make a third corner for your favorite flowers – beautiful, visual art. The last corner could be fruiting plants to attract song-birds – musical instruments.

Coach Blog 032513 Whatever you focus on plants a seed in your unconscious. In her newsletter a few months ago, Susan Piver asked us to consider, “What seed am I planting right now? Is it one that will grow into something strong and healthy or one that will create something darker and perhaps painful?” If you want to grow something beautiful or delicious, you need to plant the right seeds.

Think about what you have sprouting in your imagination. What do you want to nurture? What do you want to uproot? Every day, every minute, you can choose more of what you want and less of what you don’t. Gather your inspiration seeds; give them fertile soil (imagination), water (attention), and sunshine (love); pull out any weeds competing for your resources; and in a little time you’ll have something beautiful to show for it!

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