Posted by: Cathy | March 20, 2013

Artist Dates

If you’ve read Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, you have heard about “artist dates.” These are outings where you treat your inner artist to something inspiring. It can be anything you find inspiring – a museum, a craft fair, a concert, a foreign film, a flea market, a Somerset Studio magazine, a car show, a book signing, an antique shop.

You don’t have to spend money for your artist date – for example, the Denver Art Museum is free the first Saturday of the month. You can browse an antique shop without buying anything or flip through a magazine at the library. Don’t let cost limit your inspiration!

Coach Blog 032013 It helps set the tone for you to actually leave the house and go somewhere; this takes you out of your normal routines and jogs your powers of observation and imagination. If the weather is bad, though, come up with some options you can do at home, like renting an art film, or borrowing an artist biography from the library. Try to take an artist date regularly, perhaps once per month.

The point of the artist date is to inspire you, to gain creative input, to fill your imagination well; not to create art. You can do that when you get home. Like an actual date, treat your artist, flirt with your artist, get some chemistry going. Fuel the fires on your date and get busy afterward.

My whole New York City trip next week is one long artist date. It’s like an artist honeymoon! I always feel so rejuvenated after visiting NYC, so full of creativity and bustling with new ideas. This is why I keep going back again and again every couple of years. Nothing fills my imagination well like a trip to NYC.

Make a list of outings on which you’d like to take your inner artist – big, small, free, or expensive. Write all of your ideas down. Figure out what you can budget this month, pick a corresponding outing, and schedule it in your planner!

Treat your inner artist right and maybe you’ll get lucky 😉

(Also, Happy Spring Equinox!)



  1. I always mean to do stuff like this, but don’t. Rather than go to museums by myself, I wait months until I have a friend in from out of town or I visit friends or something. However, I have some Pinterest boards set aside for inspiration in various areas. So I look at those when I need ideas for certain things. Maybe if there was a Pinterest museum in my neighborhood, I’d make myself take artist dates more often…

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