Posted by: Cathy | March 18, 2013

Inspirational Places and Spaces

Next week, I’m going on vacation to one of my favorite places – New York City. I’ve been going every few years since I graduated college. I want to live there at least a year before I die. There’s something about the energy of NYC that resonates with me on a deep, deep level. I love it.

Coach Blog 031813 I hope you have a place like this, and if it doesn’t happen to be where you live, remember that you can invoke it at any time. I can look at my pictures of Venice and eat caprese salad to invoke my Italy trip. I can put on some French accordion music and pretend I’m at a cafe in Paris. Whatever place inspires you, hang up some posters/photos of it and take a little mental vacation every now and then. Bring that inspirational energy to your every-day life whenever you need it.

This same kind of imagining can work for states of mind. If you’re bored, frustrated, or burnt out, take a break and imagine feeling powerful, in flow, and on track. If you can’t picture yourself that way, picture someone who represents what you want to feel and imagine what it’s like to be them. You’re trying to invoke an energy that is different than whatever is dissatisfying you at the moment. Take a mental vacation from you and your life and imagine a better version of you and your life. If you imagine it often enough, you can start manifesting it.

Surround yourself with inspiration! Visit your favorite places when you can, and take a mental vacation when you can’t. Invoke whatever is missing in your life, and then make it real.

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