Posted by: Cathy | March 6, 2013


As much as I love planning and organizing, lately I have been focused on unplanning.

Just as the seasons go in a cycle of growth, boon, harvest, and fallow, you’re own natural rhythms go up and down. When you’re in a down cycle, it’s easy to get mad at yourself for not “doing more,” “missing out on your own potential,” or “being lazy”; but it’s part of the natural rhythm of doing and resting.

I talked in December about hibernating, but this unplanning period isn’t about deep sleep and withdrawal; it’s about wakeful watching. I had my sleepy period and got a good rest. I let ambitions fall away and got back to my authentic self, my own natural rhythms with no “doing” structure overlaid. I was just “being.” I feel reconnected to myself and my priorities, and my life feels a little gentler, a little softer, and a little more fertile.

Now, I’m figuratively and literally looking around myself and seeing possibilities, but without pressure or commitment at this point. I made a list of writing projects I have in progress. I looked at my yarn stash and art supplies for knitting and crafting projects. I cleaned out some things in my closet. I’m taking inventory to see what I want to do next. I’m getting my ducks in a row before we dive into the pond.

Coach Blog 030613 I’m not quite ready to jump into action yet, but I feel like the impetus will come soon. I’m trying to let my natural cycle of doing/resting guide me. I’m not worried about being “lazy” indefinitely; that’s as unrealistic as going full-steam indefinitely. I’m trusting my cycle and my natural curiosity; eventually, I’ll be ready to start something. But not quite yet.

I encourage you to look at your own natural rhythm. If you’re too frazzled to remember what that is, try to clear your calendar this weekend and spend two days unplanning. Let your activities unfold naturally depending on your desires. If you can’t do it this weekend, plan to unplan another weekend!

Try to balance planning and unplanning your life. You can benefit from wakeful watching!



  1. “I’m not worried about being “lazy” indefinitely; that’s as unrealistic as going full-steam indefinitely.”

    So true!

  2. […] But, in case that’s not where you are at the moment, I wanted to remind you about my post from March 6, 2013, where I talked about Unplanning. […]

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