Posted by: Cathy | February 20, 2013

Hate or Indifference

Last week, we talked about love. What is the opposite of love; hate or indifference?

I think it doesn’t make much difference; the opposite of love is non-love, and you want to get rid of as much in your life as possible that you don’t love.

Some things, sure, you have to put up with. Maybe you don’t love your apartment but it’s affordable and allows you to save some money on rent so you can pay more on your student loan. Maybe you don’t love your job, but the market is tough and you’re afraid to put yourself out there. But what if you could look at those things through the lens of love?

What would it look like to love your dumpy apartment? What would it look like to love your day-job?

It takes so much energy and mental space to hate something, but love is a limitless resource, as I’ve said before. Why waste energy hating when you can regenerate energy with love?

Coach Blog 022013 Even if you can’t love your apartment or day-job, maybe you can love something about it. Bring in a pretty plant or a framed photo for your desk. Every time you sit down, look at it and enjoy it. I have a mug that I love at work and I try to enjoy some tea in it every day. I used to have a different mug, but I stopped loving that one and gave it to Goodwill, which opened up space in my life for a new, lovely mug!

So release what you don’t love, if you can live without it, and open up space for new, lovely things in your life!



  1. Have you been listening to The Lumineers? 🙂

    • i didn’t know who the lumineers were until i saw them mentioned in EW magazine yesterday!

      • Ha! They’re nearly as great as you are and are from Denver. I think you’d like them.

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