Posted by: Cathy | February 11, 2013

Love Yourself

Probably the most important tool for success is to love yourself. If you love yourself, you will have more respect for your goals and desires and the confidence to do something about them.

Coach Blog 021113 Valentine’s Day is on Thursday, and I challenge you to do something loving for yourself every day this week. It doesn’t have to be big – if you’re just starting to try this, small is probably better. Wink at yourself as you pass a mirror. Leave a post-it note on your steering wheel that says “Hey, Hot Stuff.” Put the Ace of Hearts in your wallet. Buy yourself a rose on the way home. Listen to your favorite song.

Also, loving yourself makes you more capable of receiving love from others. If someone compliments you, know that you deserve it, smile, and say “thank you.” If someone gives you a valentine, pause for a moment and feel the love in the gesture.

And, of course, expressing your love for others is a great way to honor love in general. Love is a limitless resource – throw it out into the universe and welcome it back to yourself!


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