Posted by: Cathy | January 16, 2013

Meet your Flaws

My friend, Teresa Jusino, made a post in November that got me thinking. Here is the excerpt:

“Last month (and the beginning of this one), I was reintroduced to my flaws. This isn’t me being self-deprecating or holding a pity party. It’s me acknowledging the things at which I could be better. Everyone’s got them.”

I loved the phrase “reintroduced to my flaws.”

It’s human nature to focus on our strengths and try to hide our flaws under the rug, but your flaws represent places in your life where you have a lot to learn. Think of your flaws more as opportunities for growth and they’re easier to manage.

Take out your journal and come up with a list of your flaws. Meet them, greet them, and examine them. See what they have to teach you. If you can recognize your flaws in the neutral space of your journal, it’s easier to see them in action and try to do something differently when they flare up.

Coach Blog 011613 Some of my flaws are perfectionism, stubbornness, and inertia. They probably are linked. For instance, in my fiction writing, it’s easy to be waylaid by perfectionism when the story idea isn’t coming out as gloriously as it was in my head. Then my stubbornness butts in and tries to get me to keep moving even though I know I need to pause to reevaluate the project. Then, once I’ve crashed and burned, my inertia keeps me firmly in a place of stuck. Whereas, if I embraced imperfection from the start and allowed myself to write a crappy draft, I could plug along crappily and stress-free.

Flaws won’t be fixed overnight, but knowing what yours are can help you identify them and work around them. Your flaws aren’t a permanent part of your personality! You can learn to invite them for tea and then push them out the door when tea time is finished.


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