Posted by: Cathy | January 9, 2013

What if you start on the wrong foot??

Everyone makes mistakes. Maybe you turned right when you should have turned left. Maybe your recipe called for condensed milk but you bought evaporated milk. Maybe you hired a contractor who turned out to be less than reputable.

Remember that you can start over at any time. Don’t kick yourself for what went wrong. Just pause. Get your bearings. Figure out what the next step is from the current reality. Lamenting over spilled evaporated milk won’t help you move forward. If the mistake brought emotions with it, allow yourself a few minutes to cry or curse or scream. After those minutes are up, though, put the past behind you and make a new plan to move forward.

Coach Blog 010913

There’s no such thing as a “wrong” move. Actions either take you toward or away from your goal. If you find you’re pointing away from your goal, make adjustments to get back on the forward path. The forward path might not be a straight path; you might turn, zigzag, or go in a loop. Just keep checking your bearings and moving ahead. Focus on the actions you can take today to move closer to your goal.


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