Posted by: Cathy | January 2, 2013

New Energy, New Second

Isn’t the energy of a new year exciting? I always feel fresh and motivated and ready to begin big things.

However, the calendar is an arbitrary social convention; you don’t have to wait for the new year to start fresh and begin big things. You can have a reset button whenever you want. Every day, every hour, every second you can start over.

Coach Blog 010213 Whenever you feel bored or frustrated or overwhelmed, take a pause and call for a reset. Make a cup of tea or just stand up and stretch, and ask yourself, “Where would I like to begin again? What would feel good to start over right now?”

Empower your life full of beginnings. Every morning, begin your day with gratitude. Every meal-time, begin eating for health. Every bedtime, begin to deeply rest. Every time you see a friend or coworker, begin to build a stronger relationship. Every time you sit down to journal, begin to go deeper. Every time you work on a project, begin to renew your commitment to your goal.

Begin to begin! Carry the new year’s energy with you every day.


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