Posted by: Cathy | December 31, 2012

Celebrate your Achievements

As much as we’re looking ahead to 2013, don’t forget to look back over the past year and celebrate your achievements. It’s just as important to recognize your success as it is to learn from your mistakes.

Think back over your year and try to write down at least one thing each month that you did well or that made you proud or happy. If you journal, flip back through your old entries. If you keep a daily planner, skim through to see what projects you had going on.

Coach Blog 123112 Mine looks like this:
January – I signed up my dog, Riker, for an obedience class.
February – I filed my taxes early so I would get my refund earlier.
March – I paid off my car! Having no car payments is such a great feeling.
April – I bought my plane tickets to Italy, which was an exciting step in planning my dream vacation.
May – I visited my parents in Washington to celebrate Dad’s 60th birthday.
June – Riker successfully finished his obedience class, and that was a fun bonding experience with him.
July – I presented a break-out session at the Toastmasters Leadership Institute in Denver. I was proud of myself for speaking in a new environment.
August – I went to a kickboxing class three times at the Rec center. It was a great workout!
September – I went to Italy! After 6 years of planning, I finally made my dream vacation come true.
October – I started doing weekly web video chats with a few friends to keep in touch and help motivate each other.
November – I hosted a great Thanksgiving day with my boyfriend, Matt, and lots of friends and family.
December – I finished my holiday gift list within budget, so I’ll start the new year on the right foot!

Make your list and celebrate all you accomplished in 2012. Going into the new year with success and gratitude in your heart will give you a boost toward your new goals in 2013!



  1. I like that you put things like hosting Thanksgiving and taking your dog to obedience training on the same list as your trip to Italy. I need to remind myself that the small accomplishments should matter personally just as much as the bigger ones do.

  2. I’ve been meaning to make a list like this too, to remember all the good times and Beck’s milestones this year. I need to do it this week!

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