Posted by: Cathy | December 24, 2012


Lately, I’ve been very interested in the idea of hibernation. For the last three weeks or so, my brain and body have had less capacity than usual, so I’ve been asking less from myself.

At first, this made me feel like a bad person. “Why am I slacking? Why can’t I get things done?” But I decided to be gentle with myself and give myself permission to hibernate.

Coach Blog 122412 This was a great decision. Instead of berating myself, I’m being deliberately slow. I’m watching puffy clouds and flocks of migrating geese. I’m sitting with my dog on the couch to watch dvds. I’m eading gentle, supportive books. I’m not doing anything too taxing, and I’m not letting myself feel badly about it.

Especially this time of year, it’s easy to fall into burn-out. If you sense burn-out on the horizon, take a time-out, if only for an hour. Sit in a comfortable spot and listen to your favorite cd. Bundle up and go for a walk. Give yourself permission to sit and stare at the fireplace with a cup of cocoa. Allow yourself to do nothing. Do a mini-hibernation. Let your brain be like the bare trees outside. Let your body be like a cozy black bear in her den. Allow the natural stillness of winter into your body and mind.

Winter doesn’t last forever. Soon, it will be spring and there will be new things to do and experience. But let your body experience the seasons, too. We are a part of nature, and a deep part of us craves that cycle of action and stillness. Take a day, a week, or an hour to hibernate. Your soul will thank you!


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