Posted by: Cathy | December 11, 2012

Article: How to Become a Morning Person

Back in June, I posted an article about going to the lark side.

This morning, I read another good article about how to become a morning person.

Coach Blog 121112 clipart Again, I am NOT naturally a morning person, but I have been getting up at 5:15-5:30a for a couple of years now and I definitely get more done on weekdays when I have time for myself and my personal priorities before the workday begins. I’ve even been considering getting up early on weekends so I can get to a 7a kickboxing class on Saturdays, but so far that has been painful. The trouble is enforcing an early bedtime on Fridays and Saturdays. Still, I could try what this article suggests and do it for 21 days and then evaluate whether it’s working or not.

If you don’t get up any earlier than you have to, I encourage you to read these two articles and give it a try. As I said in June, “If you can work on your goal every Mon-Fri morning for 10 minutes, that’s 2,600 minutes in a year (108 hours)! So steal some extra time in the morning and get going!”


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