Posted by: Cathy | November 26, 2012

Friends as Family

Friendships can become even closer than family relationships – they’re your family of choice. Celebrate this family, too, during the holidays.

Most people have actual family obligations on the big holidays, but try to get together with friends, even just for a quick peppermint mocha at your favorite coffee shop, or schedule time for a catch-up call/video chat if they’re far away.

Think about your friendships over the past year. Share favorite memories and photos. Thank friends for their support and nudge them toward their dreams. Also, think about any friendships that are fading or ending – sometimes, this is for the best, but you can choose to fight for the relationship too. Reach out to anyone you don’t want to lose.

The beauty of friendships is that these are people who don’t have to stick around but choose you, and you choose them. You don’t have to see them every holiday like Lame Aunt Lydia. Show them how important they are to you by making time for them this holiday season!

And thank you to my dear friends Angela, Heather, and Teresa for spending their Thanksgiving week with me!



  1. Love the Family Tree/Friend Forest metaphor. Glad I got to spend Thanksgiving with my Family Forest rather than Lame Aunt Lydia, haha! 😀

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