Posted by: Cathy | November 16, 2012

Book Give-away: Results

I actually didn’t receive any entries for my book give-away! Maybe my blog is still too small/new, but I want to address some feedback I got from a friend.

When I encouraged some friends to enter, one said: “Getting through each day is all I can handle most days lately. I don’t really have goals or dreams right now.”

That made me so sad, but I totally understand it at the same time. I’ve gone through periods like that. But with my give-away, I wanted to get people thinking about what would make their life more fulfilling.

Your dream doesn’t have to be huge, like become president or start your own business. Your dream is whatever makes you say, “YES, I want that.”

When I read “Your Heart’s Desire” earlier this year, my dream was to be more authentically myself. My goal was to make more time for writing, yoga, and meditation. Rarely have I had a day this year when I did all three, but I certainly have done more of each this year than in years past.

It’s important to have a dream; otherwise you’re like an automaton in your own life. If you don’t know what your dream is, take a few minutes to day-dream or journal and ask yourself what your ideal day or week would look like if you didn’t have any obligations, if you suddenly won the lottery and could do whatever you want. That will help you uncover clues for what would make your life more fulfilling and/or supportive.

Don’t accept a life without dreams! They are the coffee in your life cup.

I plan to try this give-away again in three months, so you have some time to think about it and enter then!


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