Posted by: Cathy | November 12, 2012

Find Out Where You Are

Modern society encourages achievement and action; moving from one thing to another. Sometimes we don’t notice, or don’t want to look at, where we are in the moment.

It’s easier to think about “someday,” when we’ll magically have a comfortable savings account, beautiful health, and more free time to pursue our interests. It’s uncomfortable to look down and say “I could lose ten pounds,” “I don’t know how I’ll afford the holidays this year,” or “I have a strained relationship with a relative.”

It’s uncomfortable to acknowledge these things, but it is necessary. Wanting to change your life for the better is great, but everyone has some things they just push under the rug to deal with later or try to forget about; but those issues are still there and they drag you down subconsciously.

You can’t solve a problem until you recognize there is a problem, so identify what is bothering you and choose some priorities to take action.

* Take a few minutes to write down everything that’s not satisfying you in that moment.

Here is my list:
1. I’m feeling bloated today because I ate too much salt yesterday.
2. I have an odd pain in my right throat, maybe my lymph nodes; it’s better than it was yesterday but I hope I don’t have to see the doctor.
3. I’m getting behind on my writing schedule because I was distracted with something last week, something that’s not as important to me as writing.
4. I yelled at my boyfriend this morning over something stupid.

* Next, write down some things where you are satisfied, so you don’t feel so doom-and-gloom.

1. My cat didn’t throw up this morning, which was nice (she threw up yesterday morning).
2. I made a new recipe for lunch today and I’m excited to try it.
3. My friends are coming to visit for Thanksgiving and I’m excited to see them.
4. I’ve accomplished a lot to be proud of so far this year.

* Then glance back over your not-satisfied list and pick one thing to take action on right now.

I chose number 2, the pain in my throat, to take a pain-killer and have a cup of tea.

* Lastly, take action! Even if it’s something small, you can always do something to help resolve one of your problems.

Don’t let problems haunt you! Try doing this exercise once per month. Figure out what isn’t satisfying you in your life and think about steps you can take toward greater satisfaction.

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