Posted by: Cathy | November 7, 2012

Use your Senses to Center

One thing I’ve learned from meditation is that using your physical senses is the fastest way to find your center.

If you’re getting stressed or frustrated, stop what you’re doing and take a moment.

1. Take a deep breath. Feel the muscles your body uses to do this.

2. Look at whatever is in front of you and just focus on one thing; maybe this is your computer keyboard. Focus on the dust or crumbs on your keyboard, without judging the mess, or the way the light reflects off the keys.

3. Close your eyes and just listen. Maybe a coworker nearby is talking on the phone. Maybe the air-vent overhead is humming. Just let the sounds enter your ear without judgment.

4. Take another deep breath and notice what you inhale. Maybe you smell your own perfume or aftershave. Maybe you smell the tea or coffee in your mug.

5. Touch something nearby, hopefully something with texture or hot/cold, something for you to respond to. Touch your mug or the fabric of your desk chair. Just feel the sensations for a moment.

When you feel stressed or frustrated, it’s a sign that your brain is moving too fast and without your body. When you use your physical senses to bring yourself back to reality, you realign your mind and body and can deal with your issue with a little more perspective.

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