Posted by: Cathy | October 24, 2012

Practice Doing

What kinds of things are you practicing?

I try to practice yoga, meditation, and writing every day. Some days I also practice procrastination, avoidance, and insecurity. I don’t want to practice those things, but they creep up on me regardless, so it’s important to pay attention to the things you’re practicing so that you can cultivate the positives and weed-out the negatives.

Celebrate your positives! When you’re first starting out on a new practice, or trying to kickstart an older one, feel free to put stickers on your calendar like you may have done in grade-school. Draw stars or smiley-faces in a pink glitter pen on each day you do your practice! Anything to recognize that you did what you promised yourself and to highlight your momentum.

If you miss a day, though, be gentle with yourself. It takes a while to build a new habit, and if it’s important to you, you just keep plugging along. If you have trouble committing to it, ask yourself why it’s important to you – maybe write that down so you can look at it when you feel your commitment waiver. And try to schedule your practice at the same time each day; I find it much easier to keep my commitments when my yoga and meditation are built into my morning routine.

If it’s a negative practice that keeps popping up, it’s there for a reason – take a few minutes to explore it in your journal. Again, be gentle as you seek the root of the problem. You can’t successfully deal harshly with your problems; two negatives don’t make a positive. Kill your problem with kindness! Forgive yourself, heal yourself, and then take baby steps in the right direction.

Each day, each hour, you can choose to recommit to your positive practices and reduce the negative ones. The first step is to be aware of your practices. The second step is to make conscious choices. The third step is to take action. Practice doing!


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