Posted by: Cathy | September 10, 2012

Idols: Susan Piver

As I said in my post on June 18 (Coaching Idols), it’s important to have inspirational role models as you’re coaching yourself. These people can be your resources, motivators, and trail-blazers so you’re not really going it alone!

Another of my idols is Susan Piver.

I learned about Susan a year ago from an interview she did with Jennifer Louden. Susan is a writer and meditation teacher and she hosts the Open Heart Project, her “effort to teach everyone in the world to meditate.” You can sign up for her free e-newsletter to learn about basic meditation, or you can join me and hundreds of other students in her “practitioner-level” paid group. It’s an investment I’m glad I made! I’ve been slowly learning about Buddhism for about 18 months and Susan has been a valuable resource in my instruction.

Some great things I’ve learned from Susan:

1. “Remember who you are; be with yourself as a gesture of friendship. Who you are is completely precious.” You can improve yourself, but know that who you are is essentially good and there is nothing wrong with you.

2. “As you experience moments of so-called failure (‘I’ll never get this meditation thing down’), rather than beating yourself up and redoubling your effort, relax and appreciate yourself for your great, noble, and unending intention to improve your world, then let go and return to your breath.”

3. “Thank you for your practice.” Acknowledge all of your progress, no matter how small!

She just got back from a vacation and personal retreat, so I can’t wait to learn what juicy insights she came across. Check out her blog.


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