Posted by: Cathy | September 5, 2012


I talked on Monday about the difference between “head” fear and “stomach” fear so you can avoid limiting fears and recognize true ones. Another thing that’s important is to know what you feel like on a “good” day so you can identify imbalances more easily.

If you don’t know how “good” feels, you may not notice “bad” when it settles in.

Sometimes, mood changes come on gradually, like growing boredom or dissatisfaction with your work or an art project. Sometimes it’s so gradual that you don’t notice how bad it is. Or maybe boredom is really fatigue in disguise and it would better serve you to eat some fresh fruit, take a brisk walk, or even take a nap.

Try this exercise: for the rest of the day, do a few check-ins with yourself and just see how you’re feeling. Are you tired, bored, coming down with a cold, or reaching for your second cup of coffee? Or are you excited, motivated, or eager to start a new project? Or maybe you’re neutral, calm, or centered? Name your mood.

Next, find out where these emotions are in your body. For me, fatigue is in my face; my skin feels saggy and it’s takes effort just to blink! Concentration is in my upper chest and eyes; I feel in-synch with my heart rate and my eyes are alert and observant. What do happy, relaxed, and bored look like for you?

Also, put this in context for what’s going on that day. Fatigue on Monday morning may feel differently than fatigue on a busy Thursday afternoon.

When you’re familiar with your moods, you can exert some control. Instead of letting emotions govern your day, you can try to change your mood and bring yourself back to a sense of balance. By finding your equilibrium, you can create more energy to get your important things done!


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