Posted by: Cathy | August 15, 2012

When in doubt, make art!

I consider myself to be primarily a writer; words are my medium of choice. But it’s fun to dip into visual art. I’ve done painting and drawing and collage, and none of my pieces will ever hang in a gallery but I enjoyed the process and often was proud of the outcome too.

I’m especially inspired by the ARTsignments by Marney Makridakis I mentioned on Monday. I love the idea of problem-solving with art.

The methodology is that art uses a different part of your brain than your rational, problem-solving mind and, by trying to work through a problem in your art, you invoke more creative solutions you may not have thought about otherwise.

So give it a try … consider a small problem to start, and take to it with a doodle, collage, or automatic writing. You can doodle and write with just a pen and paper, or you can get more creative with an old magazine or newspaper for collage – clip images and words that resonate with you and rearrange them until it feels good. You can then paste them to a piece of paper or just take a digital photograph of your assemblage.

You can use your piece for inspiration whenever another problem pops up – how can I turn this problem into an opportunity? How can I invite creativity to help me solve this problem?

And here’s my own project for you to try: a Solution Doll

You need some clean, old socks or a t-shirt; two rubber bands or pieces of string; a marker or notions to decorate a face; a safety pin; and slips of paper. You can also get fancy with different scraps of fabric, felt, yarn, thread, buttons, beads, etc.

One sock or a circle cut from your t-shirt will be the body, the rest of the socks or scraps of shirt will be the stuffing. One rubber band or piece of string will separate the head from the body; the other will tie off the bottom of the body to keep the stuffing in. You can draw on a face, happy or sad or peaceful or whatever you like; or you can get fancy and make yarn hair, button eyes, embroidered lips, etc. Decorate it as much or as little as you like. You could add fabric wings and call it your Solution Angel.

Once you have your doll ready, write your problem(s) on the slips of paper and pin them on your doll. As you attach your problems, ask your doll for help in resolving them. By acknowledging your problems and asking for help, you invite solutions to arise in your life. Be open to guidance and wisdom from the universe.

Check your doll periodically; be sure it isn’t collecting dust! It is a symbol of your intention to solve your problems, and you don’t want it to sit forgotten on a shelf or in a drawer.

Once your problem is resolved, remove that slip of paper, thank your doll, and recognize your accomplishment!


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