Posted by: Cathy | June 4, 2012

Why coach?

Let me begin by saying that coaching is not an alternative to professional care. If you have physical or mental health issues, see a licensed health practitioner.

Coaching is for problems of motivation, inspiration, goal-setting, planning, and getting off your booty and taking action. It’s about working through your blocks and finding new pathways to success; and it’s about learning more about yourself so you can tap into your strengths.

If you are like me, you’ve set the same new year’s resolutions for the past five years or so. You keep setting the same goals because a part of you wants these things, but not badly enough to jump up and do something about them, or maybe you’re just overwhelmed figuring out where to begin. But I’m tired of having these “goals” hanging over my head like rain clouds, and this year I decided to set a few priorities and actually take action.

If this sounds familiar, I hope you’ll join me in exploring how to get what we really want by being our own coaches! Stay tuned – I plan to post each Monday.


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